Biden flew to DC on a luxurious Boeing 737 private jet with its own master bedroom and shower — see inside

Biden flies to Washington, DC

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President Joe Biden arrived in Washington, DC ahead of his
inauguration not on a US Air Force plane, but on a chartered
private jet.�

A Boeing Business Jet 737 flew Biden from Delaware New Castle
Airport to Andrews Air Force Base on Tuesday, taking the
then-president-elect to the nation’s capital in style and luxury as
the aircraft is typically reserved for the upper echelon of private
flyers. Biden had used a similar but less luxurious 737 on the
campaign trail after
initially turning one down

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California’s Jet Edge International operates the
airliner-turned-private jet, a veritable flying penthouse apartment
complete with a master bedroom and onboard shower. The aircraft is
ideal for intercontinental flying as its amenities allow for it to
be a true home away from home. 

Biden only used the jet for a quick 78-nautical mile hop as

security concerns thwarted the president’s preferred method of
transportation between the two cities
, Amtrak. It was likely
his last flight on the plane as he’ll have access to an
entire fleet of luxurious military planes and helicopters
transport him anywhere he wants to go.

And now that the 737 no longer being used by the president, the
plane can be chartered by anybody that can afford the high price
tag. An hour alone on the jet is likely in the tens of thousands of

Take a look inside this Boeing Business Jet 737.

will be the first president to use the new Air Force One – here’s
what we know about the $5.3 billion aircraft

pandemic devastated airlines in 2020 and forced many out of
business — here’s the most notable that didn’t make it to

Here’s the plane that flew then-President-elect Biden from
Wilmington, Delaware to Washington, DC.

The Boeing Business Jet 737 is based on the popular 737-700
airliner used by the likes of Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines,
and United Airlines in the US and countless others around the

Two CRM56-7B20 engines power the aircraft with 20,600 pounds of
thrust enabling a top speed of 470 knots and range of 6,200
nautical miles.

and Jet Edge

On the inside, it’s hard to tell that you’re onboard an airliner
and not in a luxurious apartment or hotel suite.

The living area of the plane features a mix of club seats and
divans accompanied by a mid-cabin bar.

There are only six of these club seats, also known in the industry
as captain’s chairs, in this section with the three divans
providing the bulk of the seating.

Moving back in the plane, then comes the interchangeable dining and
conference area with a six-place table.

The accompanying high-definition television also comes with AppleTV
and Blu-ray capabilities.

The final two sections are private spaces for the principal flyer
including this office.

The space can be used to hold meetings or get work done in private
using the aircraft’s complimentary domestic WiFi.

The plane also features a private bedroom but it’s unlikely that
Biden used the bed given the short flight time from Delaware to

Directly adjacent to the master bedroom is the en suite bathroom.

It’s the largest on the aircraft complete with a full vanity and
shower, a key selling point for these

The other bathroom is smaller with no shower but still a world away
from the typical lavatory on a commercial airliner.

Despite all the space, there’s only seating for 16 passengers in

In the front of the plane is the galley, or the main workstation
for the flight attendants onboard, where onboard meals and
beverages are crafted

But while the Boeing 737 BBJ is a highly-capable and luxurious
aircraft, Biden now has access to a larger jet known as the “Queen
of the Skies.”

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Biden will be the first president to use the new Air Force One –
here’s what we know about the $5.3 billion aircraft

This modified Boeing 747, or VC-25A to the US Air Force, serves as
the president’s primary aircraft.

It’s known, of course, as “Air Force One” when the president is

The jet comes complete with a private office, master bedroom,
communications suite, and a medical bay.

Its range is, technically, unlimited as it can be refueled in the

And it has room for 71 passengers.

US Air Force

Biden will have this plane until 2024 when the new aircraft arrive
to replace the current models.

And if he misses the 737s that served as his campaign plane and
flew him to Washington, the Air Force has one of those too.

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Biden flew to DC on a luxurious Boeing 737 private jet with
its own master bedroom and shower — see inside